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Halley School Located at the Evergreen Lane Historical Complex
This school was built in 1874 southeast of Nevada and was in use until the 1944-45 school year.

The Nevada Community Historical Society of the city of Nevada in Story County, Iowa has prepared this family tree concentrating on Nevada area residents of the past. The project started out with a concentration on the families that have donated properties to the N.C.H.S. (Briggs, Child, Dowell, Dutton, Dyer, and Halley) but the project soon branched to include the founders of the town, the Aldermans, the Sillimans who gave Nevada its first Library, and the Romanes who were early settlers and gave Nevada Walker Park. Eventually the families so intermingled it became apparent separate family trees were not practical.

Family groups were "filled in" using obituaries from the Nevada Representative and Nevada Journal, as well as burial information from the Story County Cemetery record gleaned by the Story County Genealogical Society and vital records from the Story County Recorder's Office. Web information was prominently used as well as some information from local and family histories.

The original project was to document prominent families of Nevada but it was soon evident the project could not be limited to "prominent" families or merely Nevada families. On the contrary, most are ordinary families that passed through the Nevada area in Story County but a few are families that have remained in Story County for generations. In order to maintain privacy, most descendant trees stop at about 1900.

All efforts were made to obtain accurate informaton on these people. There are undoubtedly mistakes. But there is some information in this record that corrects some mistakes found on the internet. Alternate spellings and nicknames were noted and census information documented. This is not meant to be an authoritative source but the hope is that it will be a guideline to steer those doing Story County genealogical research in the right direction.

These family tree pages are supported by The Story County IAGenWeb Project, which includes in its master surname index links to the surnames found here.

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