46. Andrew Jondahl was born on 26 Oct 1865 in Kvamme, Vikebygd, Sveio, Hordaland, Norway. He was baptized on 10 Dec 1865 in Vikebygd, Hordaland, Norway. He appeared on the census on 16 Jun 1880 in Scott Township, Hamilton County, Iowa. He was also known as Endre Elisæus Endresson.

He was married to Veronica Novoczynski. Andrew Jondahl and Veronica Novoczynski had the following children:

child+165 i. Andrew Albert Jondahl.
child+166 ii. Lewis Jondahl.
child+167 iii. John Jondahl.
child+168 iv. James Jondahl.
child+169 v. Mary Jondahl.

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