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The following deed was submitted by Pauline Mikkelsen from a hand-written copy. Jesse, at probably the age of 20, purchased land in a sheriffs' sale of land being belonging to Leonard Bumgarner. It is interesting that he did so upon the consent of David Earnest, suggesting a guardianship or adoption. According to Pauline, Jesse's daughter Riley Dancy, her husband and children are buried on the property.


Samuel Cox deed to Jesse Cox 100 acres

This indenture made this 13th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve, between Samuel Cox Esq. high Shff of the County of Ashe and State of North Carolina on the one part, & Jesse Cox by consent of David Earnest of the County of Ashe & State aforesaid of the other part, whereas by the virtue of an execution issueing from the County Court of Ashe against Leonard Bumgarner (. . .) for the sum of five pounds, 8S/11D which said sum was recovered by (. . .) G. Dixon as on record may appear & whereas the said execution was directed & delivered to the said Samuel Cox Esq. high shff as aforesaid commanding him that of the goods & chattles, lands & tenaments of the said Leonard Bumgarner he should cause to be made the aforesaid Sum of five pounds 8S/11D to satisfy the said execution with the cost thereon & the said Samuel Cox shff of aforesaid in persuance and by virtue of his office & the aforesaid execution did seize and take into his hand & custody (no goods or chattles to be found) a certain piece or parcel of land situate lying and being in said County of Ashe bounded as follows on Bare Creek. Beginning at a white oak on the bank of said creek, running west eighty poles, to a Spanish oak on the Road, then North twenty west seventy six poles to a Chestnut on said Road, then North fifty west with said Road twenty poles to a Spanish oak on a knob, then North sixty six poles to a stake, then East one hundred and twenty poles to a stake, then to the first station, containing one hundred acres more or less. The said Samuel Cox shff as aforesaid after due advertisement according to law did cause the said piece or parcel of land with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging to be put up at public sale to the highest bidder on the 8th day of August in the year of our Lord 1810 at which time and place the aforesaid Jesse Cox by consent became the last and highest bidder at the sum of six pounds 1S/3D for the said land with the appurtenances therewith belonging, this indenture therefore witnesseth that the said Samuel Cox shff of Ashe County aforesaid (. . .) in consideration of the sum of L6.1.3 to him in hand paid by the said Jesse Cox at or before the sealing & signing of these presents the receipt thereof is hereby acknowledged, with said Samuel Cox shff doth hereby bargain, sell, a lien (infeoff?) convey & confirm unto the said Jesse Cox his heirs executors, adm. or assigns forever all the rights, title his heirs executors adm or assigns forever in as full and ample a manner as hath said sheriff is empowered by virtue of his office and no further. In witness thereof the said Samuel Cox shff of Ashe County hath hereunto set his hand & seal the day and year first above written sealed and delivered in the presents of

Geo.? Bower Samuel Cox (seal)

North Carolina (. . .) term 1813 the written deed was duly
Ashe County acknowledged in open court by Samuel Cox in order to be registered.

Test David Earnest C.C.C.
Deed Book "M" page 24 Ashe County, NC

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