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James F. Cox Family Bible

Wilson, the son of Jesse & Thursey, married Eliza Hubbard, the daughter of Randolph and Polly Fletcher Hubbard. According to information Doris Peters obtained from Frederic W. Farris, Wilson and his wife started out west. One of his sisters' family was with them, but stopped to reside in Russell Co before returning to West Jefferson, North Carolina. That sister had three daughters and one son. Wilson and his wife pushed on but stopped in Missouri. That is their first child, John, died at the age of 8 1/2 months. [Additional Source: Lois Cox Bible.] After a year they returned to Russell County, Virginia. One of their sons was James F. Cox.

The following information has been provide by Doris Peters:

James F. Cox's bible was passed to  his daughter Ethel Cox Farris, her son Fred W. Farris, and then to me, Doris Campbell Peters.

The bible is about 18" by 12". Inside, the following items are found:
A picture of Wilson and Eliza Cox
"Some Popular Recipes for February" from To-Day's Magazine, dated 1910.
Loose, stained pages from the bible
Page that says "Pictorial Family Bible"
What appears to be an advice column cut out of an old magazine. Advice contains everything from whether to call a young lady by her first name to someone asking how to straighten a "cow-licked eyebrow".
Clipping of a poem "a Woman's Wish". Narrator is tired of "rigid duty.. .so tired of all my tired hands find to do!"
A lock of a baby's short blond hair tied in a string. Could it be the dead baby John?
An envelope in which someone can affix a 2 cent stamp and send an order to Charles William Stores, NY, NY
A letter to Elizabeth Price Cox from her daughter Ethel Cox Farris. It reads:

Plasterco Va.
Dec 21.1933

Dear Mamma
  Will write you a few lines to let you hear from us we are all well & hope you all are well & will have a good Christmas. I am not looking for any Christmas just the day in all. Wish you all could come down for Christmas. Don't know if we will go anywhere on Christmas day are not. Wish we could come home but cant. I will send you a gown for xmas Fred is sending you a apron Pappa & George a handkerchief. It is raining here this evening. I had a letter from Oliver the other day was all well. Don't know if Harrison will come home through Christmas are not. Harrison & Ben is working today. Well Mamma as I don't know any thing more to write it is time will haft to close wishing you all a mery Christmas & a hapy new years. Write soon & a long letter. Love to all from Ben Ethel & Fred Farris.
All come down when you can. Hope you will get ? am sending by mail but I have for got your Box no

A bookmark that says "Worldwide Bible Reading Thanksgiving to Christmas 1950"

A section in the middle of the Bible with "Births":
James F. Cox was born Nov. 30.1863
Elizabeth Cox was born Dec. 12.1862
Ethel M. Cox was born Feb. 1. 1884
Taylor Cox was born March 7. 1885
Lilburn Cox was born June 28. 1887
Wm Harrison Cox was born Oct 20.188(8?)
Annie E. Cox was born Aug 20.1890
Minnie A. Cox was born May 4. 1892
Oliver W. Cox was born Aug 18. 1893
Altie F. Cox was born June 10. 189?
America Cox was born Dec. 28 1898
George W. Cox was born June 8. 1901
(above is written in the same handwriting)
Fred William Farris was born Oct. 15. 1913
Walter Franklin Cambell Born Dec.13 1914
Wilson Cox was Born January 14. 1819
Eliza Cox was Born May 1.1823
(above is written in pencil by same hand)


Wilson Cox died June 14. 1904
Aged 86 years & 6 months (in pencil, same hand as above)
Elizabeth Price Cox died June 13, 1930
James F. Cox died Feb. 18, 1960
America Cox Smith Feb. 29, 1920
Taylor Cox March 1, 1952
Oliver W. Cox March 24, 1959
Lilburn Cox August 29, 1966
Ethel Magdaline Cox Farris 3 January 1968
Annie Evealine Cox Campbell 31 October 1971
William Harrison Cox 17 August 1975
Altie F. Cox Cadd 1 October 1975
Minnie A. Cox 20 May 1987
George W. Cox 30 June 1988
Walter F. Campbell 12 May 1962
(The above is written in Fred Farris's handwriting.)


James F. Cox & wife Elizabeth Price was married March 15. 1883
Taylor Cox & wife Alice Cifers was married Jan 4(?) 1910
Ben Farris & wife Ethel Cox was married Sept 29. 1912
James Campbell & wife Annie Cox was married Dec. 24. 1913
Lilburn Cox & wife Mattie Defriece was married January 20. 1915
Marshall Cadd & wife Altie Cox was married September 25 1917
Oliver Cox & wife Okey Stanley was married Nov. 21. 1917
Walter Smyth America Cox was married Aug. 26. 1919.

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