Jesse Cox Descendants
1840 Census

1840 Ashe Co NC

Jesse Cox Household

SexAge RangeCountDOB RangeComment
Male0-511835-1840Payton Cox (11 Nov 1837)
Male10-1511825-1830William Cox (abt 1824)
Male15-2021820-1825Alfred Cox (24 Mar 1821)
John Cox (abt 1822)
Male50-6011780-1790Jesse Cox
Female5-1011830-1835Lois Cox (20 Jan 1833)
Female10-1511825-1830Rildah Cox (16 Mar 1830)
Female50-6011780-1790Thursey Harper Cox

Wilson Cox Household

Male20-3011810-1820Wilson Cox (14 Jan 1818)
Female15-2011820-1825Eliza Hubbard Cox (1 May 1823)

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