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Betsy Tesdahl's Birth Certificate

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This is not a certificate issued at birth, but rather certification of her birth by the parish pastor in 1908.

Betsy Tesdahl Birth Certificate

The translation of the above line by line is:

1) According to chirchbook for Etne parrish
2) is: Brita Eriksdatter Tesdal
3) of parents: farmer Erik Sjursen Tesdal and wife Barbro Aamundsdatter
4) born the 13th April - 1850 - and christned the 14th July - s (same) å (year)
5) which in the official capacity certifys: Hans Grimelund (vicar)
6) Etne the 12th July 1908
7) Statutory payment: 0,50 øre (øre is name of money)
8) signed: H. Grimelund (vicar)

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